27 August 2010

Future Apartment?! "What If..."

This morning I took the bus up to First Free for two reasons:
1. I normally help out with website stuff on Friday mornings, and
2. I had a meeting with our interim finance guy Duncan. You see, First Free owns the apartment complexes next to them and one of them just opened up! They are currently renovating it, but I expressed our interest in wanting to move close to church, and with more room for our child when he/she arrives.
The slideshow below shows the brief I had. Please pray that, if it is the Lord's will, that Lauren and we can move here - and at an affordable rate!

After my meeting I headed over to school to help set-up for the big "First Saturday" event for our grad students tomorrow! BIG weekend coming up!

Lauren joined me in the evening for a free screening of "What If" - which is basically a remake of "Family Man" - Christian-style! My friend Tom McElroy was in the film :)

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