29 August 2010

Table Built! MC (mission completed)!

We went to church today and enjoyed worshiping God with our church family. The pastor today was Victor - he spoke about Christ becoming sin for us ("The Monster Christ")

After church Lauren and I hung out w/ Michael and Britt for a while, met Pastor Victor, then looked at our possible future apartment next to First Free! Please keep us in your prayers as we wait to hear if we can move into this apartment before year's end, and that the rent will be affordable for us!

The weather was SO warm today! We went to Menards, bought a piece of lumber, went to Aldi to buy a bunch of frozen fruit, then went home to make smoothies and a table! Check out the pictures!

I have a lot of homework this week. PLEASE keep us in your prayers, for health, sleep, homework completed, gracious professors, and to follow the Lord's calling in all that we do!

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