05 August 2010

TA and peanut butter bars (and $125)

I applied for Army tuition assistance and am hoping that comes in soon! I put all of my tuition on my credit card for now - but it sounds like I won't get the money from the Army (OR the scholarship from Moody) until September!
BUT - bless God, I am getting my per diem from basic training in the next few days, and that will pay off half my credit card bill! The other half might have to come out of savings for now (basically everything in there!), but I am confident the Lord will continue to provide as He always does!
I made peanut butter bars today - secret recipe :) I made them mostly because of Britt's last day tomorrow which I might not be there for. I made the peanut butter from scratch (woah - just grinded peanuts in the Vitamix), as well as the powdered sugar. The rest is a mystery to many :)
After work, I set up a checking account w/ Chase - for the primary purpose to deposit cash (Schwab can't do that over snail-mail), and to get a $125 bonus for signing up! Good stuff!

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