06 August 2010

Chick-Fil-A and Brittney's Last Day

I ended up going to work this morning - even though I didn't have to. I had to see Brittney on her last day! Over the past several months (and longer - basically since Loren Rugen worked here), we have been collecting stamps from the envelopes we get, and Brittney put them all in a sweet, handmade, stamp book! It was certainly a bittersweet day. Lauren made a cake a few days ago, and when we realized that we couldn't finish it - we gave it to Tyrome to take off our hands! Thanks bro!

I left after the morning work was over. The rest of the employees celebrated "Employee Appreciation Day" - but I already maxed out my hours! So I decided to appreciate the rest of my Friday morning/afternoon running errands and cleaning the apartment!

After Lauren was done with work - we met my DRM friends (sorry - we're more than just "DRM friends" - that sounds so "professional-like"!) and we drove up to WISCONSIN to get some righteous chicken sandwiches! In case you didn't know, Chick-Fil-A is a Christian-owned chicken fast food joint, who closes their doors on Sundays. The food is actually really tasty too! I had my first experience at CH-BOLC (if you remember that blog)! The drive was crazy during rush-hour, but TOTALLY worth it! It was a great way to end the week - though it was tough to finally say the word "goodbye" to Brittney. But, as MWS put it best, "Friends are friends forever" :)
To top things off though - as we stood outside the mall, one of the employees from Chick-Fil-A came out and gave us ALL FREE CHICKEN SANDWICH COUPONS! So we HAVE to go back!!!! Enjoy the slideshow!

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