17 August 2010

Dan and Summer have another one! Date Night with Lauren!

My cousin Dan and his wife Summer had another child this morning!
Cali Joy Nystrom, born at 7:20 AM, 20.5 inches long! Super exciting stuff!

Work was good...I had a long lunch break, so I was able to meet up with Anya and Sophia once more - we went to Portillo's for lunch, and I introduced them to Chicago's famous hotdogs! Again - Anya's not a big fan of

Later, after work, I took Lauren out for a super awesome date night! We went to Dave and Busters (right by Moody), had dinner, and played UNLIMITED video games all night long! We totally conquered Terminator and played virtually every racing game and shoot-em-up game they had! It was SWEET!!!! And she loved it too ;)

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