18 August 2010

DRM "meeting"! aka Unicorn Day

DRM (work) had a lunch "meeting" today! The first project was for us to get in groups of 3 or 4. We each had a piece of paper with a penciled outline. Every team had to fill in the outline with the provided colored markers. Our picture looked like it was lacking a little bit, so Tyson drew....a UNICORN to add some dimension and flavor to our picture! What we DIDN'T realize was that each team had a piece that connected to the other drawings! So in the end, we all had to COMBINE our drawings into one BIG drawing (see pictures)! The point was that - we all have different tasks and gifts, but in the end, we all need to work together to see the big picture! Problem was - we added a unicorn! We ALSO converted our cloud into a SUN! So we had two suns and a unicorn in the picture! Can we say our group was a little....independent?! :) haha!!

I also had a meeting with Military Ministries afterwards to discuss a possible internship at the Great Lakes Naval Base! We'll see where the Lord leads!

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