11 August 2010

Dinner with friends!

I had a StuCo meeting over lunch today to try to hash out a few more details for this upcoming retreat. I feel like there are a LOT more kinks that need to be worked out before I'll feel comfortable putting my "stamp of approval" on this event! But I am confident that God will be with us in our planning, and that this will be very successful.
Lauren and I were both excited to see our friends Nicolas and Lindsey for dinner in the evening. Nicolas just got married to his bride the weekend I returned from basic. They just finished getting settled into their new apartment in Chicago, so we were honored to be their first official guests! Boy did we have a great time! Nicolas cooked a very tasty French meal for us all. The appetizers were tasty too, and we really enjoyed their company and fellowship. We played Balderdash for a while after dinner and also enjoyed a tasty treat that Lindsey whipped up! We are very blessed to have friends like Nicolas and Lindsey - and we are thankful for their hospitality and fun we had that night! Thanks guys!!! :)
Tomorrow morning I leave for a chaplain conference in CO Springs, hosted by the NAE, the Missionary Alliance, and the EFCA! I'm super stoked to go, to meet new people, connect with old friends, and get some nuggets to assist me in my growth as a CC!

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