13 August 2010

NAE Chaplain's Conference - Day 02

It was a blessed day - with our sessions given by HB London (a vice president to Focus on the Family). They were very encouraging and uplifting sessions. Well - let me back up! The breakfast that day was INCREDIBLE! Omelets made-to-order! Buffet! Yum!
We then had 3 sessions given by HB London. You can view these sessions RIGHT here with the embedded video code I will paste:
Session 1: The Joy of Our Calling:

Session 2: Dedication to Our Calling:

Session 3: Our Calling and Our Family (I liked this one)

We had a delicious Qdoba lunch buffet in-between sessions out by the pool of one of the hotels.
After the sessions we were given a tour of Biblica - formerly the International Bible Society. We were able to view old Bibles (see pictures) and hear from Mark Rader (the director) and others. We were also given some fantastic resources to take along with us!
In the evening, many of us went to the Flying W Ranch - a place where you step back into time and experience western culture, food, rodeo stuff, and watch a live concert! To be honest, I spent most of my time there in one place, talking to some former Golden Gopher (MN) alumni Chaplains!
It was a fantastic day, and many friends and connections were made!
Enjoy the pictures and video!

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