07 August 2010

Reunion, Family, Friends, and Ice Cream!

It was a long, but very fun and enjoyable day!
Lauren and I stayed over last night at Uncle Roger's house in Osseo, WI. It was really good to see him again, and we enjoyed spending some extra time with him. In the morning, Doug (my first cousin, once removed), and his son Sam (my 2nd cousin) came to see Uncle Roger as well. Lauren and I stuck around a little while longer before driving a mile down the road to help get ready for the big Olson Family Reunion at Forrest and Ramona's! We had a really great time there, seeing people that we haven't seen in quite a while! It was also a blessing to spend more time with Grandma Sonia and Auntie Pam as well!
Around 2pm, Lauren and I left the reunion to drive to Minneapolis. We stopped at Arthur's Jewelers to get Lauren's ring cleaned and inspected, then met my family at the Green Mill at Rosedale for dinner. We celebrated Grandma Mc's birthday there and had a joyous time of fellowship with the family!
After dinner we checked out Ariel's new apartment and visited Penny as well! She has a really great place! We really enjoyed it! Next, we drove to Jacob's apartment by the UofMN. He and Kristen also have a nice place! They were still unpacking a lot of stuff, so it will be fun to see when everything is unpacked and organized as well!
Our daylight was running out and we still wanted to spend some time with Lauren's family, so we called to meet them in Stillwater at Nelson's ice cream! They are known for their famous Lumberjack!
As we were on our way out of the UofMN, we saw JB's Mustang driving by!!!! What in the world?!!! So we called them, and it turns out they were on their way to find Jacob's apartment to say hi! BUT, my siblings all decided that they wanted to join us at Nelson's, so they already left the apartment - so JB and Katie decided to come along for the fun! It was GREAT! So now all of my siblings and our best friends in the area came with us to an ICE CREAM place (one of the best things to eat while fellowshipping)! We met the Johnson family in Stillwater and ordered the famous LUMBERJACK! We were determined to conquer it (like I had last year)!
The ice cream was great! But, as it starting getting melty, and people started playing with their food, I got grossed out towards the end and couldn't finish the mission! But it's alright - we had a great time!
Thanks to everyone who joined us that evening to spend some more time with us! We wish we could have spent even longer with you all!
Lauren and I ended up spending the night in Hudson since it was already "that much closer" to Chicago in the morning!

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