12 August 2010

NAE Chaplain's Conference - Day 01

I have been blessed with an opportunity to attend a chaplain's conference, hosted by my endorser (the NAE) and fellow endorsers under the NAE umbrella (C&MA and EFCA). The conference is being held in Colorado Springs, CO from Thursday-Sunday. I packed early this morning for the trip :)
I took the el to downtown, and from there I took the Orange to Midway. The flight was smooth with no issues. I only brought carry-ons so check-in wasn't an issue. I forgot I had my little Army toiletry kit with me, but it went through without a hitch!
I was blessed to have a USO at Midway that I could relax in for a while before my flight. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating!
The flight went to Denver, so while I waited for my connecting flight to CO Springs, I noticed a USO in Denver as well! This one was SWEET! Plenty of recliners, snacks, and amazing hospitality by the volunteers.
The flight to CO Springs took all of FIFTEEN MINUTES! It was hilarious! I was up and down before I knew it!
When we arrived I met our van driver (John) - he gave me the "chaplain sign" to hold for the other arrivals so that he could stay with the van. The ride to the hotel was pretty quick, and it was fun to finally meet my endorser Paul Vicalvi in person! The ice cream social in the evening was great, and I made a lot of new connections, and also saw some guys that I met while at CH-BOLC last month. It was a really great evening to connect! Jeremy Quigley and his wife Julia, along with their daughter Zoey, were able to attend the conference as well! The Quigley's are from Moody, so that was a fun connection to have!
The bed in my hotel room is awesome! There is a dial on both side of the bed to adjust the firmness/softness! Pretty sweet! I'm looking forward to what this weekend brings!

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