08 August 2010

The trip back to Chicago

Lauren and I left in the morning to head back to Chicago. But before we left her parents and sister hooked us up with some good food to take along for our kitchen! We got some awesome veggies from Dad's garden, and Dani's leftovers from before she moves off to Mexico, and some other odds and ends as well!
On the way home we also stopped at Ft. McCoy to shop at the Commissary. We got some great deals there on food, and stocked up a big more - gotta love tax free and cheap food!
We had lunch just outside the base at a little pizza place which was a lot of fun as well! We might even make that a regular stop every time we drive by!
Lauren also called ahead to her aunt Tammy and we were able to stop over there for dinner as we got closer to home! It was fun to catch up with her and Dayton, see the dogs, and take a break from the driving!
Before the day was over, we had arrived back home. Of course the humidity wasn't very much fun in an apartment with no A/C, but we are surviving (and saving money)! Please pray though that God opens up a door for us to live somewhere a little bigger by the time our baby arrives! :) Though - I personally am content knowing that He will in His own time - and I am enjoying our place as long as we have it! :)
PS. If you click on the car picture, notice the dog sleeping on the top of the back seat!

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