25 August 2010

School and StuCo!

I am really enjoying my classes...except Greek 3 is making me tremble! I might have to put this off until the spring modular (I'm going to die either way though)!

So - the StuCo (student council) has a tiny little room that has been used in the past as a storage area and as a make-shift study area. I took some time today to clean and organize as much as I could! I felt pretty happy with myself when I got the room looking halfway decent! I also noticed that one of our ceiling fixtures wasn't turning on when I flipped the switch. I put in a work order (which was fun!), and they determined that it needed a new ballast! So - it'll probably be a couple weeks until that gets fixed. I think I'm going to get a printer, mini fridge, and microwave for this room - so I can chill in here on breaks and downtime and study (as well as do StuCo stuff as well)!

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