27 August 2009

6 Months Already!

Today marks our six months of marriage! And to celebrate...Micah went to work and then to class :) But this is part of why we are here in Chicago-to serve the Lord together as husband and wife.

Micah has been working as many hours as he is allowed by the school (his job would love it if he could work even MORE hours) so that we can save up for next semester's tuition and also help alleviate our savings expenditure (which is currently paying for rent until Lauren finds a full-time job).

God has continued to bless us as a couple and we trust that He will only continue to take care of us, provide for us financially, and help Micah through his seminary training at Moody.

Micah had two classes tonight: the first is a non-credit "class" called SIL, or, Spiritual Integration Lab. This is where Micah meets with a few other guys to pray together and hold each other accountable. This class is under the direction of Professor McCord, who is Micah's Old Testament professor and who also takes students to Israel in the summer (something Micah is also praying about).

In Micah's SIL he met Paul, who is our post office clerk just down the road! Every time we walk to the post office on Irving, there Paul is helping people ship packages and mail! It was pretty exciting to see someone at Moody that we semi-knew, and he's also there to learn and to further God's kingdom! What a small world! Even in Chicago!

After SIL, Micah had his O.T. Literature and Themes class with Prof. McCord. It sounds like Micah is really going to enjoy this class. The class has a "contracted" grade policy, so Micah can decide how much (or how little) effort he wants to put into the class in order to get a certain grade. Of course, knowing him, he will probably push himself to shoot for an "A" in the class. It was encouraging to hear that grades don't really matter in the long run in seminary. It's what you learn, absorb, and can then use to teach and disciple others that really matter.

Well - that's about it for today! Micah has a LOT of studying ahead of him (mostly Greek), so please pray that he is able to find a healthy balance of time (Lauren, school, work, and leisure). Also please keep praying that Lauren will be offered a full-time job soon that she would enjoy taking. It would be a blessing to have the security of a steady income that can pay bills, give Micah health insurance (which he currently doesn't have in order to save money), and add to our savings!

We love you guys!
- M&L

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