09 August 2009

Erickson Visit!

We always seem to start out by saying out great the day has been! This blog won't be any different!
We woke up, planning on going to Moody Church, but started to run a little behind schedule. We decided instead to go back to the small church we had attended last week - just down the block! It was probably a God-thing that we went back! We met some of the same people we did the previous week, made more acquaintances, and we were even invited to lunch at someone's house after church! We signed up to assist with next weekend's block party as well! We are already becoming involved with a church that we just started going to - praise God that we don't have to do any "church hopping" here in Chicago. It seems He has blessed us with a church right down the road!

After church we went up to see Lauren's relatives in Trevor, WI for the rest of the day (we had to postpone the lunch date with our new church friend). We had such a wonderful time up at the Ericksons'. Tammy made another wonderful meal (as usual), and we enjoyed spending time with the family, playing cards, catching up, and meeting their new puppy Dudley! A crazy storm passed through and we got a couple good pictures of the clouds! See below!
All in all - a "great" day! The Lord has truly blessed us! We both need to find jobs now! But we know God will take care of that in His time!

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