17 August 2009

Interview Day

Today was Micah's first interview of all time! Lauren told Micah that he's fortunate to have gotten so far in life without having to deal with interviews. Micah's interview went very well today and thinks his chances are good for getting it. Praise God! He's competing with 11 other people, but there are 3 positions open. Micah applied for another job at Moody today and already has a "test" and and interview tomorrow at 1:30, so please pray for that.

Lauren baked again today - this time it was braided sweet bread. Since half of it is gone already, she's guessing it must be good.

Penny is enjoying being so close to the kitchen these days. She sits next to Micah or Lauren on the stool and cuddles against us and licks our elbows begging for food. It's such a cute little show it's hard to resist. Penny has been getting plenty of people food lately. Lucky gal!

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