26 August 2009

First Day of Class!

Well the title of this blog says it all! Today was Micah's first day of classes!
Micah worked early this morning again until his first class at 2pm - "Practice of Ministry." The professor is very personable, amiable, and godly! This is going to be a very enjoyable class (though still a lot of work) with a great community! The second class Micah had was Greek Exegesis I with Dr. Woodall. He is also Micah's professor for Hermeneutics online. Greek I is probably going to be the most challenging for Micah, but is also going to be a fun environment to learn in (and another solid professor who cares for the students and aims to help develop their skills for the missions field).

There is a very big contrast in the level of attention these professors have for their students compared to what Micah was used to experiencing at the University of Minnesota! He is very happy for the change of pace!

Lauren had an interview today with a nanny agency, and is also still waiting to hear from Moody on her application for a job there as well. We are praying that God grants her a full-time job soon so that our entire savings aren't spent before the end of the semester! God WILL provide though! We just have to continue to trust in Him!

Happy birthday to Micah's Uncle Bernie! We love you and pray God's blessings over you and your family! May He continue to provide you with good health and add to your days many many more years so that you can continue to serve Him in this life!

With much love, gratitude to our family and friends for your prayers and encouragement,
Micah and Lauren!

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