15 August 2009

Block Party and Concert

Another joyous day to write about!

Lauren and I volunteered to help set-up for a block party this morning. Of course, the block party was just down the block, and the volunteer efforts were in conjunction with our neighborhood church!

The party was fun! We met a lot of people from church, ate some good food, and really had a fun time fellowshipping with our fellow neighbors. There was an Air and Water Show in Chicago today, so we saw (and HEARD) many low flying planes and jets over our heads throughout the day!

After the party we took a quick nap, then decided to go see the Grant Park Orchestra play Beethoven's 9th Symphony (for FREE) at Millennium Park downtown! The concert started at 7:30pm, so we decided to leave at 6pm. We took the train for the first time - which was a bit spendy (2.25 one way per person = $9 total round-trip!).
Well when we got there it was PACKED! THOUSANDS of people filled the chairs towards the front, and the huge lawn was covered with people, blankets, food - it was a party! We were not able to find a place where we could comfortably see the band, so we decided to lean against a railway with our blanket and enjoyed the 70 minute concert! It was pretty exciting! Chicago has so much to offer and we are so blessed to be in the heart of it all!

Our first time on the rail-way!

Thousands of people at the park!

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