08 August 2009

Friends From Afar!

What a lovely blessing it was to have our dear friend Amy Brown come visit us today! Amy was in town visiting some friends, and she decided to take them all to our new place to say hello!
Lauren and I both relaxed for a majority of the day. Lauren went to library to use the wi-fi and to rent a couple movies (one is in Hebrew), while I (Micah) cleaned the apartment.
OH! Did I mention that Lauren made powdered sugar from scratch? I didn't even know that was creatable in the kitchen! She used that for the cake she made a couple days ago!
Tonight Lauren baked snickerdoodle cookies!! Have I mentioned that she amazes me everyday?! :)

So, Lauren rented this BBC movie: Charles Dickens' "Bleak House" - we thought it was just a couple hours long, only to find out that it is about 8 HOURS long, and we have the first out of THREE DVDS! haha! So far though it is a well-done movie.

See pictures below! And a video below that!
- M&L

Click image below to see a video!

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  1. Hi Lauren and Micah,
    We love your blog! It's great to read about all that you've been doing in Chicago. We especially love the pics. Penny is so adorable and yes, Lauren is beautiful. (No bias there!!) Glad to read she's taking good care of her husband. If she's making cookies you can be sure she loves you!!! We'll ck in often to see what's new. Know you are loved and missed. XXX000 Mom & Dad J


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