13 August 2009

Care Package Surprises!

It is such a good feeling to know that people are thinking of you and care for you, even when you haven't seen or spoke to them in some time. Such was the feeling today. We were very much blessed to receive not one, but TWO care packages from Fed-Ex this very morning! Inside the first box contained a plethora of home-care goodies - from super-glue, to dish soap, to an extension cord (which was much needed by the way)! The second box contained an entire meal (actually more like three meals) packed inside of a colander (which Lauren absolutely loves)! See the slide-show below for pictures of our surprise gifts! All this in thanks to Mr. and Mrs. J. - our dear friends at home in Andover. We are so grateful to you both for your love and generosity!

This was such an exciting beginning to our day! We spent the rest of the day trying to hunt down more job opportunities. Micah still has his interview on Monday (at 2pm), while Lauren is waiting to hear back from a job she applied to at Moody (as well as several other jobs in the neighborhood)! Please keep us both in your prayers!

We hunted down the last DVD of the BBC series: Bleak House - a story written by Charles Dickens. It was a fantastic series and we both recommend it as a very good series to watch!

We also had a romantic candle-light dinner this evening, with the meal from the care package! It was a wonderful evening. We had plenty left for left-overs and even some extra goodies for another meal!


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