03 August 2009

More Unpacking!

Today was very eventful! We spent more of our day unpacking more goodies and running errands. We began our morning with a quick trip to Sears - to take back a tool we didn't use for our loft. This Sears was located only a mile away, and we learned that it was the oldest Sears in the country!
We stopped by the Post Office to mail a textbook that Lauren sold, then went back home for lunch (where Lauren cooked up a wonderful pot roast stew from the crock pot we got from Grandma Camplin)!
Lauren really liked a bookshelf on Ikea's website, so Micah ended up finding the exact shelf on Craigslist for a fraction of the price! We met the guy in downtown Chicago in his high-rise apartment! After picking up the bookshelf we made our way to Ikea to pick out a desk that attached to this bookshelf (see picture) and also a dresser! We then spent the rest of the evening unpacking and organizing! One or two days left before we hope to have everything put away!!! :)

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