19 August 2009

Job Offer!

Today Micah went in to work for his "probation" period (it's a weird term I know) to see if he enjoyed the work involved in this department. He was supposed to go back again tomorrow, but they offered him a job on the spot today! He called his wife (good move) and made sure it was ok, then signed the papers! He starts his job TOMORROW MORNING at 7am! Pray that Micah learns everything quickly, is able to glorify God at the new work-place, and is able to balance school, work, and family in a healthy manner.

Lauren is still looking for a full-time job. She has applications out all around town (including Moody)! Please pray that God brings the right job to her at the right time (hopefully soon)!

Lauren made a DELICIOUS potato and gravy dinner tonight (also known as SOS in the military). It was superb!

It poured outside this evening. Lauren was at the library when it started raining, so Micah walked over with the umbrella to surprise her and walk her home (although the umbrella semi-broke in the process)!

M&L :)

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