24 August 2009


Today was my (Micah's) first day at school! I actually just had orientation today, but it was a full-day none-the-less. I arrived at Moody around 8am, met some other students, and was introduced to the faculty. It was great to finally put a face to all of the names! The new Moody president also seems to be a great guy!

There weren't too many new students, and only around a dozen in the M.div program, but that will make for a good community of friends I imagine! We were able to eat deep dish (Chicago) pizza with the professors as well! It was a good day to get to know some more people and to get a feel for how everything works!

We are now praying that Lauren will find a full-time job! She has an interview with a nanny agency this Wednesday. Please pray that this goes well, and if it's God's will, that she will find a job through this organization. There is also a Moody job that she has applied to that has not been filled either! So we are praying about that as well!

Love you all! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!
- M&L

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