11 August 2009

Shake n' Bake!

Aw, such a lovely sun today! Almost TOO warm! But praise God for the sun!
This morning we went to Kohl's to purchase a tablecloth and some other necessities for our place. God was gracious to us, and we didn't have to spend a dime, thanks to our gift cards from our wedding!
It was a delightful day to walk about town today! We walked to Jewel-Osco to pick up some groceries (it becomes a much frequent occurrence when you aren't relying on parents to feed you anymore)! Lauren bought a chicken, as well as some fresh veggies. After the grocery store we decided to visit a different library up the block! It was such a big building but with so few books...kind of sad. We ended up purchasing a "Chicago Library" tote bag (for $1) to hold our groceries! :)

Later in the evening, Lauren cooked up one of Micah's favorite meals: grilled cheese sandwich, a fresh salad, and tomato soup! And this wasn't just any grilled cheese, it had swiss cheese, honey, a little basil, and a slice of tomato! It doesn't get much better than that!
The rest of the evening was spent thinking about how amazing that dinner was, and how wonderful of a wife Lauren is to Micah! I think she's ready to get out of the house though and get a full-time job! After talking about it, we decided it is definitely not something to be anxious about, but rather something to wait on the Lord for. We have been diligent in searching for jobs, so we will enjoy this freedom from the normal lifestyle of work until God grants us such an opportunity to work again!

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