18 August 2009

Interview II

Micah went in for another interview today. This position was for a data entry and materials processing job. This particular position is in Moody's Donor department - where all of the donations to Moody (school, radio, magazine, etc.) are processed.

The tests and interview went well. Micah had four tests: a typing test (he got a 55 wmp average on the first try), a math test, a word test, and an excel spreadsheet test!

As soon as he got home from the interview he was called up from the same place and they wanted him to come back the following day (tomorrow) to try out the job first-hand to see if he liked it (and if they would like him). He goes in tomorrow at 9am!

Well - that's about it as far as news is concerned! Jon and Katie Brown are coming to visit us this weekend! We are VERY excited to see them and host their stay!


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