12 August 2009

Wednesday Surprise!

This day was full of fun and surprises!
It began with us waking up and eating breakfast! Now if that wasn't excitement enough, minutes after we finished our delicious bowl of Rice Krispies, the door buzzer sounded! Now who would be buzzing for US on this lovely morning?! We don't know many people yet! It turned out to be Fed-Ex, with a care package! Micah was so full of excitement as we opened the box! It turns out the gift box was from our friends Mr. and Mrs. (or "Mom" as Micah says) Johansen! They sent us a package with games, popcorn, and candy! Enough candy to keep Micah's energy from... virtually never ceasing!
We are so very grateful to you both for this lovely package! We can't wait to meet more people and have a few rounds of Yahtzee and Uno together!
Later today Lauren went to the library again to use the internet and apply for jobs. We are both still praying that God will soon bless us both with steady income to pay our bills. Micah still has an interview on Monday at 2pm with Moody. Please be in prayer for him.
Lauren and Micah drove to a different library to rent the 2nd part of the BBC series "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens. Neither Micah nor Lauren has read the book or seen the film, but it has been most exciting to watch!
For dinner, Lauren cooked up a most delicious beef stroganoff and made homemade noodles for the first time! The last time Micah had stroganoff was when he and his buddy Caleb tried cooking it up a couple years back! Good memories!
That was our delightful day! Thank you again Johansen's for the care package! We will be playing games late into the night this evening!

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