06 August 2009

Clear Reception

Lauren went for a walk today to try to find free internet. She started out at a Starbucks, but they charge $4 for every 2 hours! Then she tried a local coffee shop (The Red Eye) and lo and behold - free wi-fi! But it was SLLLLLLLOW! She learned that the library was only .6 miles away, so she went there afterwards and decided that was THE place to go for free internet (no time limit)! While all of this was taking place, Micah went to Sears to pick up some bunny ears for our TV (it's digital but still requires an antenna). He also picked up a fireproof/waterproof safe for our important documents (just to be "safe"!

Lauren made a cake that evening, and we cuddled up and watched Singin' in the Rain late that night. It was a fun day!


  1. Yey! Those are the candlesticks I gave you! Glad you two like them I thought they were your style! I hope Chi Town is treating you well and you enjoy your new place together! Miss you, emma

  2. Wow, what a yummy looking cake. I'm making a 2 layer today for Bernie. White on white. Love your website. I'll be checking in on you two. Have fun exploring your new home area.


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