22 August 2009

A Day in the City!

We all slept in today - so that we might have enough energy for this weekend! Lauren cooked an amazing egg-bake (using the Camplin recipe) for breakfast! After going over a rough layout of our plans for the day, we took off! Our first destination was a farmer's market just a few blocks from our apartment (we walked there of course). It was fun to see and Micah bought some fresh sweet corn ("it tastes just like fruit")! Lauren gave Micah a hard time about the corn, since all sweet corn has a very fresh taste when eaten raw (only many people don't know that and overcook them)!

Our next stop was downtown! We piled in the car, parked at Moody Bible, and spent the rest of the day on our feet downtown! We walked a good 10 miles today! We walked down to the Planetarium, where we were able to get in for free, thanks to a library pass that Lauren had acquired! The exhibits were fun to walk through, and we learned a lot (go figure)!
We walked through Millennium Park, to Buckingham Fountain, and also had lunch at Giordano's! The stuffed pizza was delicious!

By the end of the afternoon we were beat! We drove back to our place in the evening, took a nap, then walked to a nearby park to watch a movie called Coraline, a clay-animation movie! It was weird, but entertaining none-the-less! The weather was perfect today for all of our adventures!

After the movie we came back here and played Trivial Pursuit! We didn't realize how long the game took to play, but it was a blast! Oh, it's going to be a sad day when our dear friends leave us...

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