14 August 2009

Friday Fun!

OK - so we can't just say we're glad it's the weekend since it's been "the weekend" ever since we moved, but we are sure happy for the time we have been able to spend together while not having jobs! We trust that God will provide jobs for us at the best time, so we have decided to just enjoy every moment that we don't have obligations to a particular job! We can spend all of this time together!
We woke up ("wow, good job"), walked to the post office to mail a textbook we sold (believe it or not, it really does pay to resell those books), and walked around our neighborhood a bit.
When we arrived back to our place we got the mail and discovered a card from our Aunt and Uncle in California! It was so great to hear from them - and it brought smiles to both our faces! We also received a wonderful card from Grandma Sonia as well! We are so very blessed with the family God has given us!
We continued to look for jobs online...Micah played a little guitar today, and we spent some time playing some games that we got from our care packages and our wedding. :)
Micah met one of our neighbors today: Jesse - nice fellow - musician who just returned to Chicago from being on tour.
That's about it for today! Micah's brother Jacob came home this evening! Welcome home! He called and talked to us for a little while last night - that was great!



  1. Hey what's up guys! I actually came in last night and talked with you the night before that. But now big deal, I still made it on your blog!! Actually this is the first time I've been on here so I might be in more posts... anyways, we'll miss you tomorrow not being in Sunday School... It's going to be weird without you both =( so long!


  2. I love you guys so much! It's so great hearing what you both are up to. I start school next week! ahhh. I wish you both were here but God has great plans for you and I am so glad that you can do what He has called you to. I love how you both are trusting God so much and are making use of the time you are not employed. His will is going to prevail no matter what. Stay close to Him and He will draw near to You. (james 4:8). Love you both!


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