05 August 2009


I think we can say that we are officially unpacked today! Of course there are pictures to hang here and there, and little adjustments being made - but we're pretty much done!
Check out the slideshow to see what we've done!

Today we slept in, had breakfast, went to Kohl's, Target, CVS, and Jewel-Osco (like a Cub Foods), then back home! We got a new stand for our TV and DVDs, and we finished unpacking the rest of our stuff!!
We are still looking for jobs! Please keep us in your prayers! Lauren decided against going to the interview since she wasn't sure exactly what the job entailed, and it was also in the south part of Chicago as well. So please pray she is able to find something else! I am also looking for a part-time job as well! I check Moody's website everyday hoping to find something!



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  2. hi granny is trying to learn this darn computer i dont know if i ever will


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