23 August 2009

Back to the Windy City!

It wasn't our complete intentions, but we all ended up sleeping in....yep....we missed church. The day before completely wore us out, and we also knew that JB and Katie had a long drive home ahead of them. Praise God though, we were able to regain our energy once again, and had yet another exciting day together as friends!
After another fabulous breakfast (consisting of cereal, leftover egg-bake, and yummy, cheesy scrambled eggs), we walked down our block to visit a few open houses!
Our first stop was just down the street - to a 5-bedroom, 5.5 bathroom house! It was INCREDIBLE! We didn't realize how large that house actually was until we went inside! The Realtor was quite friendly, and we had a fun time exploring the ins and outs of this place! Let's not mention the fact that it was 2.25 million bucks - but hey - split 5 ways and we might have something (Lydia and Charles, are you interested in going-in?!)! The next house we looked at was just further down the street and over a block. It was a little smaller, but still fun to explore! The third house was...well it wasn't really a house! It was the middle level of a tri-plex. Not very fun, and the Realtor was pretty scammy. Oh well! We just want to buy the first place!
After our excursion in Wrigleyville we drove back downtown! This time we hit up Portillo's for lunch! Portillo's is famous for their Chicago hot-dogs and Italian beef sandwiches! JB and Katie graciously treated us and we are entirely thankful!

Next, we walked over to the John Hancock Building, and rode the elevator to the lounge on the 96th floor! The Sear's tower is 110 stories, but this ride to the top was free! From here we were able to get a good view of the lake and the city! I think the best part was feeling the elevator shake a bit going up and down, and feeling the pressure in your ears! :)

After our elevator ride and sight-seeing, Jon and Katie treated us again! This time to ice-cream at Ghirardelli! We ate the most amazing ice-cream! Ice cream is always good, but just try it from this place and you'll see what you've been missing out on all along!

We stopped in the Hershey's store across the street as well - but it just didn't compare to the goodness of the ice cream and chocolate we just recently consumed!

The time finally came to say goodbye. We drove back our place, spent some more time talking, reminiscing, and joking around. quick as they had come....they had left. Thank you guys for such a wonderful time this past weekend! We will definitely post pictures as soon as we have them available to post! Stay tuned!

Oh! After JB and Katie left, we wept and sulked for hours on end. We decided to drown our misery by walking to another park nearby to watch The Goonies play in the evening. Chicago's "movie in the park" idea is pretty great! It would be cool if more city's capitalized on this idea as well!

And this concludes our fun and fantastic weekend with JB and Katie!

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  1. Saint Paul does do the movie in the park idea in the summer


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